Spot Radio
Is any special equipment required for all this?

Not at all. To access SpotRadio, all you need is a broadband Internet connection and an audio/speaker/PA system that can be connected to it, in your store.

What about security? Since it is Internet based, what are the chances of others, including the competition, accessing our station?

No fear! SpotRadio will be hosted on extremely secure servers which are completely protected with the latest internet security technologies. You will be given access through a secure Login Page. No one else will be able to access your station.

We are in the retail business. Often, we have to run sudden tactical promotions. How long does it take for ads to be produced?

We have a special production team dedicated to the production of ad jingles and promotional messages. We need just twenty four hours notice to produce and run your ads.

Does SpotRadio also carry advertising of other brands?

In STANDARD MODEL model, we have seven minutes of advertising time every hour. As mentioned earlier, one minute out of this is FREE advertising time for you to run your promos and offers. Six minutes will be offered to advertisers, who wish to use the reach of SpotRadio.

In our HYBRID MODEL, you get to make money as we will share the revenue from our ad sales efforts with you!.

Does this mean that my competitor can advertise in my store?

No. We will ensure that no competing messages are aired in your store. This is the advantage of having an internet based service. We can control where exactly each ad is played as well. Something which a regular FM channel can never do.

Which model works best for me?

SPOT RADIO offers the following models for your business:-
  1. STANDARD STREAM MODEL: Your store, our brand, our stream, our advertising content, your satisfaction. You get to choose the content from a bouquet of pre-programmed streams along with one minute of free ad time for your promotions, while we retain the remainder of the ad time. Applicable only to outlets that meet our pre-set criteria.

  2. BRANDED STREAM MODEL: Stream branded with your name, customisable content according to your specifications with advertising solely related to your brand. Applicable to all.

  3. HYBRID STREAM MODEL: Stream branded with your name, customisable content of your choice, advertising related not only to your brand but also the luxury for you to sell advertising time to external vendors wishing to target your captive audience. We will assist manage the advertising production for you. Applicable to outlets that meet our pre-set criteria.

  4. CORPORATE RADIO: (Priced as per project) We provide turnkey set up and management of corporate radio networks, that enable senior management of companies to communicate with, and reach out to, their globally stationed staff in an efficient manner- with messages ranging from critical policy, to messages with a personal touch.

How do we communicate our needs to you?

As a SpotRadio customer, you will have a dedicated servicing team looking after your needs. Besides being on call, they will also proactively interact with your team to understand your needs early and help you plan solutions.

Ok, what if we have a problem? How do you provide service support?

We have a dedicated support team that can be contacted by phone, fax, email and internet chat. They will be at your service 24x7 to solve any issues that may arise.

So what does one pay for all this?

Spot Radio services are available for a flat fee, which will vary according to the model and number of stores. In some cases, there will also be an initial set up cost. We have a very clear and transparent pricing model where you will know exactly what you are paying for. Do contact our sales representatives for more information on this.