Spot Radio
How does SpotRadio work?

We will set up a virtual radio station for you, which is hosted on our secure server. In our BRANDED MODEL service, the station will be branded by your business name..For example, if your brand is called XYZ, then your station will be called XYZ Spot Radio.

The station will air programming using state of the art web streaming technology and can be accessed by your stores anywhere in the world via Broadband Internet.

Who decides and creates the programming?

SpotRadio will create the radio programming for you, in close coordination with your team, at our state of the art studios. The content will be customized to the specifications and the needs of your brand.

What sort of programming will be created?

That will depend on your customers and what sort of entertainment you wish to provide them. Simply put, it includes not only all the elements of a regular FM radio station but also:-

Music based programming covering virtually every genre
Innovative and interactive talk shows
Shows featuring celebrities
Games, contests and infotainment
Live, real time, interactive shows through web streaming technology
And much, much more
All conducted by SpotRadio’s seasoned and professional RJs and talk show hosts

We will consult with you and help you arrive at the right programming mix for your audience.

The content will be created exclusively for you, as per your specifications. So you can give your customers a truly unique entertainment experience that perfectly complements your brand.

What about advertising?

Of course, you are free to use the channel to advertise your offers, services or products, just as you wish. In fact, by using our HYBRID MODEL service, you can even make money, by selling time on your channel to other brands. It’s your channel remember?We will even create the content and manage the entire service for you on a turnkey basis.

What if we just want regular radio channel and not something branded? Do you offer that as well?

Of course. You just opt for the STANDARD MODEL service. This offers you everything a regular radio channel would, PLUS a whole lot more!

But then, I can just play the regular FM channels in my stores. Or even provide my store managers with a set of audio CDs. Why should I use SpotRadio?

For several very powerful reasons.

More flexibility and customisation
As SpotlRadio is internet based, it is extremely flexible.
You can choose the programming and type of music you want, and vary it by location of your stores, or times of the day!
Imagine this…your stores in Delhi can be listening to the latest Bollywood hits and streaming Hindi talk shows, while your stores in Chennai get the hottest Tamil hits and programs.
Even different store locations in the same city can get different programming. For example, the Thippasandra area in Bangalore, has a huge population of Keralites. So you can have Malayalam songs playing there! While the Mylapore area in Chennai which is known for its preference for South Indian Classical music, can offer more classical sounds.
Everything exactly as per your customer’s taste. All you have to do is specify what you need. We will do the rest.
Complete control – whether you have a single outlet, or a chain of them.
With SpotRadio in your store, you are in control because you can:
Choose and vary programming by store
Choose and vary programming by geographical location of outlet
Select and vary programming by time of day
Run your promotional campaigns – and vary them as above for targeted and focused selling
With Spot Radio, you get a minimum of one minute of free advertising time every hour. You can use this time to run your in-store promotions and offers. Now, which FM channel lets you do that?
We will create and produce the ads for you and run them according to your plan.
We understand that retail is a localized business and that your offers will be location specific. With Spot Radio,you can have different ads running in every single store, if you wish to.
Reach out and build your brand with a wider audience via the Internet – Immense endless possibilities!!
Link your radio station to your website or social networking page.
Create fan clubs and groups of brand loyalists that will build your brand and drive traffic
Communicate with these registered users, who become an invaluable captive database – make offers, run promos, get feedback, run surveys...
The possibilities are limited only by the imagination!

Do you offer anything for internal corporate communications as well?

Yes! With Spot Radio, we can set up corporate radio networks via which senior management can communicate with their staff globally, in an efficient and casual manner. All this in an environment of ease, comfort and openness.

This can be used

To Broadcast messages related to critical policy, company news, addresses by top management on company issues
To Define the look and feel of the company by the marketing departments
By different departments to update the company on their progress and achievements
By HR to conduct training sessions
Encourage employee morale by showcasing latent talents of employees, playing music and news etc.
Make your workplace efficient , productive and fun!